Mentor, Author, Consultant, Entrepreneur
Are you looking for a real trendsetter and game changer to help you with your life?
Christopher J. Power has over 40 years of study, life experience and practical application at the cutting edge of science, human potential, metaphysics and spirituality. From this foundation, he offers you imaginative yet highly practical ways to take your experience of life to the next level. Learn more about him on this site and what he has to offer.

How to make DECISIONS in the way that works for you ... and much more! Christopher focuses on making Human Design a practical reality in your life, business and relationships. This is cutting edge stuff. Are you ready to experience true satisfaction, success, peace and delight in your life? Then contact Christopher.

Are you passionate about experiencing great sex with your partner? As in Nuclear Physics, you have a choice with sex. You can experience Sexual Fission (hitting on each other till you explode) or Sexual Fusion (merging your energies till something greater {like a Star} emerges). Sexual Fusion will "blow you away" AND make you more real. It is the next level in the evolution of human sexuality. (Coming Soon)

Are you ready to transform relationship tragic into relationship magic? If you enter the relationship correctly according to your Human Design, then you have a real chance together. When you learn how to CREATE compatibility using your bottom line differences, it is powerful and liberating stuff. (Coming Soon)

Are these things important in your life?

  • Profound, deep and restful sleep
  • Powerful, uplifting and productive living and work environments
  • Products that amplify and enhance your energy (and look great too)

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